Our school is an active learning environment where preschoolers learn in their natural way: through play and exploration.  A variety of activities and experiences are available to children so that they can explore and learn through art, dramatic play, math/science activities, letter exploration, music, sensory activities, outdoor and gym play.  Teachers create a predictable pattern and schedule each day for children that provides opportunities for them to learn and master a variety of skills.  Our goals and objectives for the children each day are based on the Curriculum Frameworks set by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.  Children learn and grow each day in the areas of Social and Emotional Development, Language and Cognitive Development: which includes the areas Language Arts, Math, STEM, Social Studies, Early Writing Skills, Physical Development, and Spiritual & Family Development.   Our teachers are active learners as well…they are always growing and learning through Professional Development opportunities that allow them create upbeat and fresh learning opportunities for your children.  We are an approved  Preschool/Pre-K program through the Department of Early Education and Care which means that we hold our standards of education to the highest level.   Our small class sizes allow the children and families to create everlasting experiences with our staff.  

We love to have parents involved, and have a variety of opportunities for families to participate in class.  For current and upcoming events, visit our calendar.